Can I buy through my business?

Can I buy a building through my limited company?

The short answer is, yes.

Obviously, certain rules apply when buying one of our buildings through your limited company or business. We’d also always advise you speak to your own accountant and/or tax adviser who will be able to give you advice tailored to your specific circumstances. Things are easier if you use your home office for work purposes only.

If your company is VAT registered and not under the flat rate scheme, it can pay for the purchase price of the outbuilding and its contents – including initial construction such as electrical wiring, plumbing and heating installation – and claim back VAT on the cost as long as the building is for business use.

However, the building itself and its construction costs are not something you can ordinarily claim against corporation tax relief for as they would be considered a structure from which you operate your business. You can however, usually claim tax relief on the fixtures and fittings such as furniture.

Always seek independent financial advice when exploring tax implications.

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We have become FSC® certified (FSC® C007915) to allow for the supply of responsibly sourced timber in all our buildings, as well as being carbon neutral.