School Building Case Study

Browns School Building Case Study

With Browns Garden Buildings, schools are presented with the unparalleled chance to design a distinct, insulated outdoor classroom or learning space. Customise it to align with your school’s spatial needs, educational vision, aesthetic preferences, and budget. Designed for year-round use, our buildings come equipped with top-tier insulation and robust uPVC windows and doors.

Key Features of Our Garden School Structures:

  • Timber framework and cladding, treated with pressure impregnation, available in 12 vibrant colours.
  • 22mm thick Redwood TG&v board, planed all around for both horizontal or vertical timber cladding.
  • Sturdy galvanised steel base plate.
  • Roofing made of Plastisol coated steel sheets, standardised with anti-condensation coating in a sleek Anthracite shade.
  • Solid timber roof trusses and purlins.
  • Secure UPVC double-glazed patio doors (2000 x 2000) featuring 3-point locking and toughened glass, available in a range of colours including Anthracite, Black, Golden Oak, Rosewood, and White.
  • Matching UPVC double-glazed windows (610 x 1524) with toughened glass.
  • A stylish 200mm overhang at the front of the roof.
  • Efficient gutters and downpipes positioned at the rear.
  • Ceiling insulation of 50mm thickness (Celotex) complemented by 6mm MDF lining in a chic pavilion grey.
  • Wall insulation of 50mm thickness (Knauf) covered with 9mm MDF, painted in a pristine white emulsion, and adorned with 100mm skirting board and 75mm architrave.

Browns School Building – Creating unique learning experiences

Giving your students the space they need to flourish

Prices starting from £10,093

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Case Study: Blackrod Primary School

Blackrod Primary School in Bolton is one of our favourite projects. This beautiful outdoor building is now being used as a classroom, meaning the school has more room to teach students. It is occasionally used as a classroom for children with learning difficulties, meaning they can have the attention they need to excel in their education.

The Problem

The school needed a new classroom but didn’t have the space needed to provide it to their students. Their budget was also limited, meaning they didn’t have the funds to apply for an extension or go through the planning process.

However, what the school did have was a large outdoor space. Although it was big, much of it went to waste, as there was no grass or turf for the children to play on, leaving it barren and unused.

The good news was that this was the perfect space to build an outdoor classroom.

The Solution

Within two weeks, we were able to design and build a fully functional outdoor classroom for the school. This came with heating, electricity and laminate flooring.

It looked the part, with a sheen black finish that blended nicely with the school itself, and had enough room to house tens of students with space for desks and chairs.

The Result

We built the classroom within budget, incurring minimal cost to the school while still giving them the outcome they wanted. The space is now being put to use, giving the school the room it needs to educate its students.

Students enjoy the experience of an outdoor classroom, which is a pleasant change from being in the school building, especially in the summer months. Blackrod School are also happy with the new area, meaning that classrooms are less cramped, and students who have learning difficulties can be given special attention outside of general studies.

Case Study: Blackrod School

Blackrod School: The Result

We would love to work with you to design and create a building that your students will love. If you can imagine it, we can build it! We can turn the whole project around within a matter of weeks at an extremely competitive price.

Let us inspire your students while giving you a competitive edge over other local schools.

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